Helping Hand

Every bit helps!

The problem Helping Hand solves

We noticed the difficulties by the Homeless and decided on lending a "Helping Hand" to such individuals to incorporate our techknowledge into a hassle-free application that can turn the process of donations super smooth.
Using our application, allows donors to focus on helping others rather than worrying if they're money is being well spent. Since, the donations made via the app can only be availed at our trusted Merchant's shop.
We believe it can bring the 'begging rackets' in an India to an end by taking away the liquidity of funds, which makes it extremely difficult to make profits from.
And since all the transactions would be made online it ensures utmost security.

Challenges we ran into

The major hurdle we faced was to decide on a way to ensure least interaction from the receiver point of view and provide them with maximum reward. We had to put some serious thought on how we could enhance the usability of our application by keeping it simple yet effective. We did some reading and research on different ways to close the gap between the donor and a receiver. We also faced some difficulties with the technology stack as we all were confident in different technologies, but thinking about the greater good helped us work in unison and develop the best we could.