HealthCare Manager

This application will help users/patients to connect with their doctors and getting immediate and remote assistance for their health. This may also act as a health tracker.

The problem HealthCare Manager solves

The application aims to solve the problem of doctors’ availability at this time of crisis. As most of the countries are going through lockdown at the moment, and doctors are working on finding a cure for COVID-19, it became very difficult for patients to get a checkup even if they have common flu.
This application will help solve this problem, by providing a platform for patients and doctors to interact and share details and prescriptions so that the patient can get assistance anytime.

  1. What is the product vision?

The vision behind the product is to provide a safe and secure platform where users and doctors can communicate easily and without any risk of exposing sensitive data to any third party what-so-ever. The product can be used by the general audience and can be used as a healthcare data management systems in hospitals as well.

  1. Why are you building this product?

I am building this product so as to provide a platform where patients can interact with their doctors and get prescriptions and advise without actually doing any physical contact and making communication affect at this time of crisis.

  1. How is it unique from other products?

This product is unique in a way that no centralized server is used to store or transfer data between patients and doctors. The product can be used along with any health record IoT device (future extension) which will keep track of the user's health and track their status.

  1. How are they planning to build the platform?
    The current prototype is a web-based platform where users and doctors can send health data and prescriptions respectively to each other. The web- app can be used in mobile browsers as well (tested on metamask only).

All the details and public-private keys are available in the GitHub repo which you can use to live test the application.

Challenges I ran into

We overall faced 3 major challenges in development:

  1. Storing web3 and contract instances in local storage because of their cyclic redundancies. Found a workaround by removing cyclic objects.
  2. Deploying smart contracts on the Matic Network.
  3. CORS error with IPFS storage. Found a solution on google.