Opensea-like NFT platform for medical health records.

The problem Heal.eth solves

In the current scenario, we do not have a master record of a patient’s medical history. It exists in a fragmented state where everything is scattered across various platforms in the healthcare ecosystem. This leads to medical errors, and a lot of time is consumed in finding/sorting records which play an important role in saving a patient’s life during emergency situations. Also, the patient’s data is being sold to third-party organizations for various purposes where the patients give no consent as well as have no share in the profits.

Heal.eth helps patients in many ways, such as:

  • Our platform helps facilitate easy interaction between doctors and patients as we help in the aggregation of your medical records.
  • Storing their medical history on the chain stays secure and cannot be accessed without the patient’s consent.
  • All the medical records are in one place, making it easy to sort/find any report whenever needed with ease.
  • The patient’s data is anonymous, and each patient has a unique ID.
  • The patients can also convert their data into NFTs and sell them to companies doing research and trials and hereby, have a share in the profits. They can do so anonymously.
  • The patient can avoid multiple registrations at different hospitals and avoid wasting time in long queues. As each patient will have a Unique ID (using their biometrics), it would make it easier to access their medical records in emergency situations.

Challenges we ran into

We faced a lot of challenges while aiming for the best bounties. XD

  1. There was not enough documentation for many of the bounty programs. I, Tanmay (the main dev in my team), was very confused by some of the protocols.
  2. There was not enough documentation for error handling. We learnt a lot in these two days, but the best thing we learned was to post our errors on Stack Overflow to help others!
  3. A lot of Web3 protocols had a lot of problems on their protocols, as we couldn't get a clear indication of whether we had deployed successfully or not.