Connecting Communities, Amplifying Events

The problem Hashira solves

  • Many vibrant communities and clubs organize exciting events, but struggle to reach a wider audience.
  • Event organizers face a significant challenge in tracking the success of their event marketing efforts. They lack a comprehensive solution to understand whether their contacts actually shared the event. in their circles
  • Companies seeking visibility and engagement within certain communities often find it challenging to connect with event organizers. Event organizers, on the other hand, struggle to identify companies willing to sponsor their events.
  • There is a lack of motivation for individuals to share events with their networks.

Challenges we ran into

  • Hasura documentation was not upto date in some places and as totally newbies we spent way too much time before realizing our approach was deprecated.
  • We were initially very focused on just incentivizing sharing of events, and we could have concluded that early instead of thinking way too many ways to solve that one problem.