Gullak Movr

Gullak Movr

A cross-chain bridge to swap tokens across EVM chains

The problem Gullak Movr solves

People can use this product to move any token on an EVM-compatible chain and bridge it to any other chain for the same or different token on that chain. For example, if I have 100 USDC on Ethereum and I want to move it to Matic on Polygon, I will enter the source chain as Ethereum and token as USDC and the destination chain as Polygona and token as Matic, and the backend Socket API will fetch the best bridge to carry out this transaction and how much Matic they will receive.

Once a transaction is initiated we keep updating the user about the status of where their money is across multiple bridges and provide a confirmation once the transaction is complete.

Basic structure diagram -

We had already integrated the Socket API in our product for multichain fundraising. For this submission, we added a frontend UI that the user can use seamlessly just to swap tokens across EVM chains.

Challenges I ran into

Was not able to transact on mainnet as I did not have the funds to move from one chain to another. However, the code covers the transaction status and notification on completion, once a transaction is initiated.

Also, the current product works from the frontend communicating with Socket API which requires the user to be on the app until the transaction is complete. Ideally, we would want to create a backend DB for the customer ID of the wallet from where we can initiate the transaction and notify the user on completion but in the current time constraint, this felt like the best solution.