Graduate Admission Predictor

We help you predict your future college.

The problem Graduate Admission Predictor solves

The Project helps students in determining whether or not they will be able to get in the college of their choice. It helps in providing surity to a certain extent to the college a person can expect to get depending on his/her scores and other things. It also helps students who are preparing for taking admission in a Graduate program by giving them a rough idea of what scores they need to have in order to get into the institute of their choice.

Challenges I ran into

The modelling part was not an issue as i had previous experience of building ML models but when it came to deploying, i was having a touhgh time with Flask. I was running into several errors while trying to deploy the ML model on web using flask. To get rid of this issue, i decided to go with Streamlit as it provided a faster , easier and neat way of deploying model on the web.