The piggybank for all your saving needs

The problem Goals solves

In this current world where people live a paycheck to paycheck life some poeple forget the good old saving habits. Savings not only inspires confidence but with proper saving goals we can have a guilt free spending.

Let me explain how this works for people of different categories with some examples.

Category 1:

A person who doesn't have any kind of savings at all. For him may be some form of credit is what covers any emergency expense above his budget. These people should immediately have a liquid emergency fund of a minimum 25-50k and may be 1L depending on the expense category he falls.

Category 2:

A person who has some kind of savings and is not looking for credit every month but makes some early purchase which pushes him into the EMI world for at least few months every year. Let's say he makes an iphone upgrade every year. So the ultimate aim is to have enough money available during this time of year to make an upgrade so that credit can be avoided.

Category 3:

A person who is not living on credit but doesn't have a backup for future, like pension funds.

With the powerful aggregated data that AA ecosystem provides along with fast and reliable KYC and payment ecosystems like Aadhaar and UPI now all these people can meet their savings goals using our app and it's a single stop solution for them.

For someone who wants the good old home offline piggybank savings for a liquid fund to someone who wants to have multiple saving products which are liquid enough and single click away (for starting the savings and ending it) to someone who likes to build a savings habit, we have all these covered.

We would suggest products that are liquid enough but could add an interest cherry on top of the savings from the industry to our users based on their saving goals.

Challenges we ran into

Although it's obvious I would like to add Time as a challenge for us. We lost quite a bit of time due to corona and other sickness scares for families of one of our developer and the main designer. Missing our designer obviously showed it's effect more in our final product.

A Team member who lives aboroad found it difficult after his normal work hours to access the API's because some sandboxes where offline during this time.

Couldn't reject invalid consent requests. For example when consent is requested by a user, the user logs in to Onemoney dashboard and sees that the consent is not appropriate. If the user tries to reject the consent from the dashboard, Onemoney doesn't allow rejection of the consent.