At GO! WOMANIYA one of our cultural tenets is transformation - of ourselves, our company and our world, for the better.

The problem GO! WOMANIYA solves

We provide a platform for women where they can get multiple advises and help regarding their safety all at one place and we are delighted to inform that we are the first one to do so.
Our website consist of :
1)Information regarding:
Zero tolerance of harrasment
Combating violence and discrimination
Combating domestic violence
2)Stories of other women
3)Forms for sharing experience
4)Self defence techniques that women need to learn
5)In future it can further be developed to bring out greater opportunities

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we faced during the building of this project is as follows :
1.Initially, we found it hard to decide the flow of our website, but as soon as we started building it, we were able to figure it out.
2.Designing creative solutions with users in order to address their needs..We have to plan out a draft to present your product, which is as important as the product itself.
3.We have very limited time to plan, develop and test your product. Hackathons generally last for 24–36 hours, so we need to be pretty quick in terms of execution, as every second counts.
4.We faced problem in implementing flexible length for divisions and subdisvsions but later we tackled it using the CSS flex property