Go Khareedo

No more waiting in lines, just zoom to your store at assigned slot!

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Last updated: 22 April 2020 07:57 AM

Updated demo link and credentials

The problem Go Khareedo solves

In this lockdown period, people are still in need of essentials and visit shops, thereby spending an ample amount of time outside their homes, creating crowds near shops and making themselves vulnerable to CoVid-19.
This project aims in reducing the time people spend outside.
A portal that allows customers to order from nearby stores.So that the shopkeepers can keep the requested items ready. Once it is done, a time slot is assigned to the customer, so that the customer can just show up and pick their order. This drastically reduces the time spent by customers at the store, and the time schedule helps in reducing the crowd and queue at the shops.

Besides, we also managed to develop a bot that can suggest nearby shops (based on google maps API0, but it doesn't necessarily show the shops that are registered in our database. We have optimized it enough to be sure that the shown shops are not closed due to lockdown.

Demo customer portal: https://demo.gokhareedo.in/shop
Use your login credentials, signup if needed.

Demo shopkeeper portal: https://demo.gokhareedo.in/dash
username: shop
password: shop

Challenges we ran into

Getting the dashboard to work flawlessly in the limited time was one of the greatest challenges for us. Besides that, we had a lot more minor challenges that we overcome easily like UI elements and its placements, dynamic filtering and sorting.