GAS is a dApp that aggregates events reviews by utilizing POAP's.This platform aims individuals to participate in global events & activities, contributing by giving valuable insights to the community


The problem that our product solves is the lack of connection and interaction among communities with shared interests. By leveraging our product, we provide a solution that bridges this gap and connects communities easily. Our platform acts as a hub where individuals and/or communities can discover, join, and actively participate in communities that align with their interests.

Global Attendance Score, GAS provides a platform for individuals and communities to discover and participate in global events of interest. Users can easily search for events near them or explore based on their preferences, making it convenient to find and attend relevant gatherings.

The process works as follows: When an individual attends an event, they receive a POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) token. This token serves as proof of their participation in the event. With the POAP in hand, the individual can then generate a review of the event. This review is converted into an NFT (Non-Fungible Token), a unique digital asset that represents the individual's opinion and experience. The NFT review can be stored securely on the blockchain, ensuring its authenticity and immutability. This innovative system enables event attendees to not only share their feedback but also own a valuable digital collectible that encapsulates their review. It adds an extra layer of credibility to event reviews while leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology for transparency and security.

GAS also provides significant benefits to DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) by enabling them to track and verify the participation of their members in community events. This feature offers valuable insights into the level of activity and engagement of individual members within various communities.

Challenges we ran into

The most challenging part was when we deploy the subgraph, an IPFS data source to index all the NFT metadata.
The graph is only made to call the NFT, with the IFPS so we were missing the smart contract entity metadata, which is data that does not live directly in the smart contract but on IPFS as a JSON file.
The graph check and consults IFPS, the most challenging was to index the metadata of IFPS in the Graph.

Another challenge was to deploy the AWS Landa function made to sign and verify the metadata in order to be used in our smartcontract.