GivETH - Decentralizing a better world

GivETH - Decentralizing a better world

Empowering individuals to make a lasting impact on the world, one block at a time.

The problem GivETH - Decentralizing a better world solves

The application we propose is one that benefits the social sector. There are several interesting features proposed in this application: first and foremost of which is the promise of literal 'Proof of Work'. If you are a volunteer/NGO, you can rest assured in knowing your work is recorded by a 'machine' that cannot be tampered with.
Here's why this is a unique opportunity:

  • Rarified tokens with value (NFTs) can be generated to award good work by volunteers
  • Donors can donate anonymously and still have their funds make a huge difference to NGOs
  • Decentralization! - Now it is possible for the peers to hold themselves accountable for the work they do... without needing
    any trusted central authorities. This means, faster settlements, lesser fees and ownership!
    The tamper resistant environment makes it possible for all parties to trust the system, making our solution a full-scale ecosystem supporting the social sector.

Challenges we ran into

The application was made with a low-code front-end interface and regular back-end REST APIs. Consequently the main issue we faced had to do with front-end and back-end integrations. Most of the services offered by the libraries we incorporated were in SDK form. This had to be converted to an internal API format that could be queried by the front-end.
Further problems arose due to the fact that much of the documentation for these libraries are themselves new. We sometimes had to scour the associated source code in Github and infer from that as opposed to the documentation.
We did, however, incorporate much of the functionality we intended to and, in the process, understood much about SDK to REST conversions and different work-arounds.