An AI based Grievance Classification and reporting solution with supported Data Analysis

The problem GGMS solves

People bicker about civic issues in your locality or campus which has been unresolved for days.

Generally, the reasons for such issues being long unresolved are:

No information about that issue to the concerned authorities

Limited resource to solve efficiently solve these issues .

We have created a Grievance Management System backed with AI, Data Analysis and Visualization which eliminates both the reasons for an issue being unresolved.

The user has the ability to notify the authorities about some grieavance using our mobile app. The app enables smooth hassle-free notifications about issues faced in the localities. The user posts an image of the grievances,and the grievance gets reported to the concerning authorities.

The concerned authorities are not only just notified about particular grievances but also provided with easy to understand histograms and heatmaps for a much better largescale view.This will help them dispatch their services in an efficient route thus maximizing the issues solved.

Challenges we ran into

Finding appropriate datasets, duplicate grievances