An automated source code vulnerability scanner for SOLIDITY developers and a secure coding tutorial for RUST devs

The problem GETSecured solves

Cybersecurity is one of the fundamental principles of any blockchain solution. Unfortunately, we are seeing a lot of data breaches these days where malicious users are managed to hack smart contracts or exploit some weakness or security vulnerabilities to gain access to others' money and steal it. A lot of such incidents could have been easily avoided if we mandate that developers can only deploy the code in the network if the code doesn't have any major vulnerabilities.

Hence I thought of building this automated vulnerability scanner for Solidity developers to scan their code offline and also integrated it with the testnet code of polygon edge to do a vulnerability scan while deploying the project.

We also built a tutorial for RUST developers in the Solana and other non-EVM-based networks to learn about various security vulnerabilities and how to fix them.

Challenges I ran into

The first challenge was to learn and understand how to use the services like unstoppable, gitopia, spheron etc. The second was to create the vulnerable codebase and examples. The third is to create the application, integrate it with various services and create the machine learning model using golang. The Fourth is to integrate it with Polygon-edge network source code.