Web2-friendly Web3 Storage

The problem GenesisDrive solves

With GenesisDrive users can store their encrypted personal data in the decentralized filestore FileCoin and access using the IPFS content addressing via https://genesisdrive.xyz.

We are using Intel SGX Trusted Execution Environment for the client-side encryption passphrase key derivation, this addresses the passphrase theft and loss issues normally in the Web2 applications.

Also, encrypted data will not be accessible to anyone including the GenesisDrive App server and its admin, since the Root Passphrase derivation key is kept in the hardware-isolated Intel SGX application memory.

Challenges we ran into

User authentication and session maintenance

-> We solved it using the firebase authentication

CORS domain exception

Since we have hosted our web client app in Spheron Network and backend in an azure VM, we faced a CROS exception.

We solved it by using our own domain genesisdrive.xyz.
genesisdrive.xyz -> for UI
sgx.genesisdrive.xyz -> Backend application with Intel SGX