helping people form meaningful connections offline with stake to date

The problem Gather solves

In the modern age of online dating, many people get ghosted, left on read, or never make it to a date offline. We want to simplify all the hard parts and hold people accountable when they set a date. As an adult, it's also hard to meet new people outside of our jobs, especially if you work remotely. So we built Gather to help bring people together.

The biggest problem is only chatting online and never meeting a person in real life or getting ghosted, so we have a 48 hour time limit which really cuts down on the chatting time. Once matched, user's will only spend the time figuring out where to go and getting to know each other a bit better.

Once a meet is solidified, user's will have to stake some crypto in order to confirm the meet. If both parties show up they will recieve their crypto back. If one person leaves the other hanging, then their crypto will be forfieted to a community pool, which will then be donated at the end of the month. The person who did show up can then vote on where that donation goes and give a rating to the person who ghosted.

We help with the plan making process and the conversations. We will send suggestions to both parties who have matched and then let them accept/decline the meets. Meets are based on user's locations, interests, and set to restaurants or activities both would enjoy. Once the users go to the meet, they will be given a list of deep conversation starters to better get to know the person they're meeting.

We want people to be more mindful of the meets they do make and want to help better individuals as they go through the dating process.

Challenges we ran into

for endaoment, the docs didn't match, const donation = await api.getDonationSwapTransaction({'einOrId': orgId, amountIn: 1000000});

getting the smart contracts to deploy with hardhat locally

Finding example XRC20 contract examples

Cheer Project

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