GamerX - A Platform For Gamers

GamerX - A Platform For Gamers

GamerX is a platform for gamers to connect with other gamers, Get incentivized to share their gaming content, Launch their NFT Collections, Get gaming jobs, and many other things in one place.


The problem GamerX - A Platform For Gamers solves

GamerX is a platform for gamers to stream their gaming content and earn TFUEL tokens, launch their own NFT collections and personalized NFTs, find gaming-related jobs or get sponsorships from well-known companies, connect with other gamers, and many more features.

We are proud that within a few weeks, we managed to build a full fledge platform for gamers that we planned to make so. We have created a perfect modal with a win-win situation for gamers, brands/employers, and us as a platform.
Gamers can earn by uploading their content, streaming their gameplay, launching their NFT collections, collaborating with brands, etc.
GamerX makes revenue every time there is a successful NFT sale, super chat on live streams and more sources will be planned soon. Making our platform profitable is an important task for the long-term growth of GamerX.

Challenges I ran into

When we started working on GamerX we initially began with writing smart contracts for NFTs and NFT collections, we faced a few challenges when we were trying to make the minting of NFTs from their respective NFT collections dynamically via frontend as well.
We have also integrated live streaming functionality on GamerX where we have used theta live stream platform theta edge node. Gamers can quickly go live within 3 steps on GamerX.