An OnChain Competitive and Logic Driven play-to-earn games platform

The problem GameDay solves

Games are already a massive craze among web3 users. The word betting often comes with a tag of luck. Why not get a chance to win prize by running your mind on a 10K RPM. The community we serve is already competitive when it comes to games such as chess. Our idea was to extend the thrill of these users by making them stake an amount before the game and play to win double the amount with the help of intellectual games. The real catch is: Players mutually decide the amount they are willing to stake.

Tracks aimed at :

  1. EPNS - Added push notifications to invite users to the chess game - (Push notification image attached below)

  2. Gitopia - pushed the code to gitopia repo by setting it up -

  3. Filecoin/IPFS - Deployed frontend to filecoin, Used to save game data to filecoin -

  4. Spheron - Deployed NextJS frontend to spheron network on Filecoin -

  5. Alchemy - used alchemy as rpc endpoint for polygon network -

  6. Polygon - Wrote smart contract on polygon using hardhat -

  7. Unstoppable Domains - Implemented login with Unstoppable Domains -

The only previously done work is the chess engine logic which has been inspired from open source repos.

Challenges we ran into

Faced issues integrating EPNS sdk on its testing platform, got it fixed by the help of the EPNS team.
Turborepo deployments were new to us so it had a learning curve.
Tried integrating Unstoppable Domains login functionality but were unable to integrate as web3-react is still in beta and had many errors and the documentation on the site was not apt.