The Global New Green Deal that will work regardless of politics.

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Last updated: 23 December 2019 10:44 PM

More to description about global carbon pricing

The problem FutureCarbonCredit solves

Integrity in carbon tracking and debt payment for global removal costs of Sky Solutions charity. A global price lock on carbon tons at the Global level to avoid financial lobby blockades at the federal levels for national carbon pricing. Solves global carbon pricing dilemma as economic experts have said is the only way true progress will be had in controlling emissions globally in an integrated fashion like blockchain can offer.

Challenges I ran into

16 billion tons to remove a year globally. 100/ton to get paid but governments and corps won't comply. To get around this issue, we are creating a global currency at the ETHhackathon as our Open project built out of FOSS. We hope to find 2 more team mates to help finish the tracking system for carbon removal and debt bond system. We have 16 billion co2 tokens we will need to liquidate into a market and use as assets worth 100 per token. It needs to be put to use as backing for a fiat token to get any traction as asset backed things.