Funding crowd

Funding crowd

Our prototype offers users the most efficent and easiest wasy of public funding using multiple crypto exchanges . The application is made very UX friendly to make the user experience better.

The problem Funding crowd solves

The application is made to make user is more user friendly and easily assessible by all the users to make there public transactions efficently and more user friendly . The main aim is public crypto funding , it helps the user to create fast and quick campaign for funding and also the crypto peer to peer transactions are tried to make it quick and fast.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest issue we had to face is the loaded page , was taking a lot of time to get functional which was an issue but we some how got it into a quick accessible port and tried making it fats and better .

Tracks Applied (1)

DApp Ecosystem Expansion

The entire prototype is designed in such a way to make sure the entire transactions is user friendly and also, we have m...Read More