Feeling annoyed about the surface-level networking? FrensBox is a Telegram native Lens dApp that will nourish the connection with all your new friends.

The problem FrensBox solves

Lens is an amazing DeSoc solution but when we are networking we still connect in telegram.

And such a conference networking almost all the time ends with nothing. Even tho you send a photo together in the Telegram chat - it does not provide you shared interests and a common ground to continue the friendship and go beyond the surface-level networking. Most of the chats die in Archive.

We built a Telegram client for Lens so that you can easily add a new friend, view their activity and get personalized AI hints to text or meet.

In the end, we are all a bit autistic here in web3. Nourishing meaningful people relationships is a hard work so decentralization and AI should help! By making everything composable and user-owned we solve the issue of the social graph ownership. Your connections are all on-chain, on Lens.

Challenges we ran into

managing the communication in the team - we actually got into a fight since we misunderstood each other. so we had to spend another hour talking about the situation.
getting the Lens handles - not all of my team mates had the Lens handle so we had to ask Nader directly