Fragments, a platform for communities and DAOs to be able to collectively invest in assets on-chain

The problem Fragments solves

You can create a vault to fundraise and collectively invest in assets out of your pocket size.
You can invest in already created vaults that are fundraising to buy a fragment of the vault.
Vault creation and voting is gaseless
You can deposit any token from any EVM compatible chain

Challenges I ran into

The foremost problem was figuring out a seamless user experience using Gnosis SDK. Since the operations were slow when executed from the frontend we created our backend layer so that once any transaction is initiated by the user, the backend can keep checking for statuses and retry failures.

The second problem we are currently facing is the payout for devs as we want to add some more developments of contracts and refactor our existing code for scale. We are trying to close some funding/ grants for the same in the coming month.