FPS (fake product scanner)

FPS is a mobile app that allows the manufacturer to track their products. The project uses the blockchain technology to identify fake products. The users can scan product Qr to identify. #FINTECH

The problem FPS (fake product scanner) solves

Product copy and fake product production is a common problem. In developing nations like Nepal, the problem of product copy or low-quality products are sold widely under genuine brand names. This not only affects the customer experience but also tarnishes the brand name and might decrease the customer trust. Big brands and even local businesses suffer from fake product production and distribution problems. That’s where we can start thinking about blockchain as trusted storage for the data. The project allows the manufacturer to store and register the real manufactured product into our system. Then the users can scan the product qr or barcode to find if th product they have is either the product manufactured by the respective brand or not. This can ensure the product quality, brand performance and also improve customer experience. It can help track illegal productions or product sellings and help save companies huge capitals.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Debug application ran all the features but the release was having issues with the barcode scanner feature. The problem was solved by using a different plugin in the dart framework.
  2. Deployment of the smart contract was difficult while deploying it in Matic. The issues were solved with proper research and solution brainstorming