Rewards platform for FOSS contributors

The problem fossclub solves

fossclub is a rewards platform for FOSS contributors. While many people do appreciate FOSS and want to give back for the value FOSS gives them - individuals, small and large companies - the current ways of doing that are focused on singular projects and developers. This doesn't allow for discoverability and distribution of rewards with common-sense criteria such as the number of stars, npm downloads, the number of GitHub followers, or the number of commits to certain projects.
fossclub makes that easier with badges and a gamified platform that encourages contributers to gain badges in return for perks.
There have been singular attempts at what fossclub tries to allow everyone to do - Sindre Sorhus' dev-protocol, where the dev team distributed a particular altcoin. Slight variations of hacktoberfest can be hosted on fossclub.
The hope is that this encourages more developers to contribute to FOSS and more appreciation of FOSS.

Technologies used