Ending Hunger, One Meal at a Time

The problem FoodNet solves

FoodNet solves the pressing issue of food waste and hunger by connecting restaurants and NGOs. With FoodNet, restaurants can easily donate their excess food instead of wasting it, while NGOs can efficiently access and distribute this surplus food to those in need. The platform streamlines the process, making it easier for restaurants to post available food donations and for NGOs to receive timely notifications about these donations. By leveraging technology, FoodNet ensures that excess food is redirected to where it is most needed, reducing food waste and addressing hunger in communities. This not only benefits the environment but also promotes social responsibility and fosters a sense of community engagement. FoodNet empowers individuals and organizations to make a meaningful impact in the fight against food waste and hunger.

Challenges we ran into

Targeted on a vast community and then resolved it by making our target audience niche