Fold is building a mobile bank for the internet-native Indians offering high-yield savings account and a debit card via our app under 10 minutes.


The problem Fold solves

We're helping build a financially aware and empowered India. We are living in a time 10 years ahead of the technologies that manage our finances. No more! At Fold, we're building a bank for the digital generation who has grown up using Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo, Netflix, and likes on a day to day basis. This generation is very comfortable with online transactions, and electronic payments, and have barely had any interaction with physical banks in their lives.

We are building a bank that profits with you and not on you. We’re building a bank with unmatched support, a bank that never goes on a lunch break. We’re building Fold with transparency and privacy as our topmost values. It’s your money. You should know where it’s coming from, where it is going, and everything you can do to make it grow.

Challenges I ran into

We haven't built iOS and Android app before so it's an all-new experience for us. Being a fintech product, we're also learning how to work closely with regulatory bodies ensuring we're fully-compliant and secure.