Virtual Data Room with data processing and enrichment capability supported by simple Query layer

The problem Flux solves

Flux is designed for anyone who wants to leverage AA and other non-traditional data sources to build innovative services.

It is aimed at eliminating technical complexities faced by FIUs while integrating AA services in their system. Flux provides a suite of services in ready to use format. It takes care of integration with AA ecosystem, allow one to add new data sources, carries out intelligent transformation of raw data to more actionable form. FIUs can use Flux Query language to push their business logic on Flux where it is executed and insights are returned as result. This allows Flux to retain user data within its secure environment and at the same time allow FIUs to leverage data without hassle of compliance and security.

Flux is a powerful virtual Data Room with its defined set of operations which can be used to build logical pipelines. These pipelines are stored with Flux and are triggered with simple pipeline ID and its input parameters.

Flux reduces time to market for FIUs from weeks to days. With its OOTB pipelines and simplified query language, anyone can start building within hours without even need for their own infrastructure.

With AAs around, FIUs now know how to access user data. However data interpretation in a manner that extracts value is a challenge in itself, and with Flux, we aim to solve that.

Challenges we ran into

Time was an obvious challenge. As working professionals with day jobs finding a work life balance in a startup environment is tough. What got us past this was agile development paradigm with distribution of responsiblity.

Next the consent artefact is pretty constrained and from a legal prespective for an entity like Flux, we may need some changes to take it to the next level. We are aware of this and are talking with our legal consultants on how to approach this.

Lastly, the sandboxes itself and experience was pretty underwhelming to begin with. Few questions were answered, few needed to be followed up with the AAs. Lack of quality data was a challenge I am sure many teams including ours, faced. As a FIU any team needed to integrate, generate data, and then work on their actual hack/use case. But we see these challenges as an opportunity hopefully can leverage Flux to solve such challenges for us and others.