AI-powered assistant API for wallet developers. Better UX, safer transactions out of the box!

The problem Flowsistant solves

Flowsistant will describe what happening in a transaction in plain english.

For the developers: It provides simple API with everything ready out of the box. It will introduce useful building block that will make creating new UX-friendly wallets easier.
For users: It improves UX, removes anxiety when sending transactions, makes onboarding easier. On top of that, it provides safety checks to protect users from scam transactions and compromised contracts. Moreover, its boosted by network effect, since dozens of wallets can use this tool, making some safety checks universal for any user with any wallet. Flowsistant will be more effective then any separate in-house solution.

Challenges I ran into

I tried to use Flowscan API, but there was no answer from their side. Would love to integrate it in the future

Technologies used