Flow's Got Talent

Flow's Got Talent

Gamifying the Flow NFT ecosystem: Use any Flow PFP NFT as in-game characters. Compete against other players in epic minigames.

The problem Flow's Got Talent solves


Most PFPs lack tangible utility. Flow’s Got Talent integrates any PFP NFT in the Flow Ecosystem as in-game playable characters that can be used in tamagotchi-style training and addictive mini-games.

For projects struggling to maintain user engagement, we provide a fun game for casual players to unite their tribes and battle against other projects within the Flow ecosystem. Giving PFP projects a new lease on life by adding FlowSuits to turn static PFP images into animated characters (in the future these will become the central characters within our games.)


By gamifying PFP NFTs across the Flow Ecosystem we not only add utility but further align owners' affinity with their favourite PFPs.


Flow’s Got Talent, provides new ways to engage with NFTs across the Flow Ecosystem by adding utility/gamification out of the box for both existing and new collections.

This a unique value add that helps extend the current state of NFTs into interactive experiences by uniting all projects into one platform and providing fun friendly competition that has the potential to galvanise and cross-promote fanbases.

Challenges we ran into

Seems older projects used a different metadata standard, currently out of the box we only support projects that use the the NFT MetadataView Contract.

After creating the Tamagotchi mini-game we realised it would take too long to create a meaningful POC. So We integrated with a bunch of games we worked on previously as well as some open-source games and micro games from code pens (Links to credits & attributions in github link) Current integrations are super hacky using iframes and parent post messaging to track game state and scores. Over time we plan to create our own bespoke minigames and collaborate with the project owners on "Boosters" and game elements.

Due to the nature of the project mobile optimisation for casual gamers is a must, all the mini-games work on mobile. However we ran out of time to make "Tamagotchi Mode" mobile-friendly in fact it bugs out on screens less than 14" :-(