RPG your NFT by attaching a D&D-like character to any NFT in your collection

The problem flow-rpg solves

There are 50 million avid D&D players worldwide (up 100x in 10 years) and now they can transform any of their beloved NFTs from into a 5e compatible character.

With attachments, this project demonstrates permission-less composability by mixing in new utility (an RPG character) to any NonFungibleToken (without the side-effects of wrapping). Next, any project can build games that leverage these characters, including cross-project / cross-comunity games.

NOTE: see Links section for demo video (Google Drive not supported for Video Demo field)

Challenges I ran into

Mixing new data into an existing project. I didn't want to "wrap" someone else's project, so I thought I would use a loose coupling to reference one resource from the other. However if this were done by a account+path+id pointer it would break whenever the account or path changed. Jacob from Emerald City pointed me to the experimental release for attachments and that became core to my project.

Also more generally, just learning cadence. This was my first real project since completing the Emerald City beginner class last summer, so I was rusty and had never tried to build a full dApp. I looked to trusted examples like Flovatar and found support in the Flow, Emerald City and .find discords. Many thanks to all of those helpful community members!