Flowmint - Advertisements on flow

Flowmint - Advertisements on flow

Flowmint platform is a revolutionary approach for advertising and self-expression using NFTs on Flow.

The problem Flowmint - Advertisements on flow solves

Flowmint is an innovative platform that presents a groundbreaking approach to advertising and self-expression, merging NFT and blockchain capabilities. The application utilizes cadence standards, with all information securely stored within the chain. It stands as an exceptional digital art undertaking, where you have the opportunity to purchase a fractional portion of pixels and personalize it by adding your own brand image and link. A grand total of 10,000 pixels are available for purchase at a rate of $1 per pixel. Instead of conventional advertising techniques, Flowmint provides distinctive segments on its platform in the form of NFTs.

The advantages of Flowmint's utilization of NFTs and blockchain are evident. Each Flowmint NFT segment serves as a unique identifier with a comprehensive ownership history, allowing advertisers to showcase the value and validate the distinctiveness of their advertising space. Within Flowmint, each segment transforms into an exclusive identifier, enabling advertisers to demonstrate the uniqueness of their advertising space, as each segment represents a distinct digital asset written onto the blockchain.

In the future Flowmint will also empower you to sell and modify the segment data. Furthermore, the entire process of purchasing, selling, and managing Flowmint NFT segments in Flowmint will be automated and secured through the implementation of smart contracts written in cadence.

Challenges we ran into

During the development of Flowmint, we encountered numerous obstacles that arose from the intricate nature of manipulating canvas pixels to align with our requirements. Effective error handling played a crucial role in successfully managing the intricacies of the canvas and its pixels.

Another set of challenges emerged while writing smart contracts in Cadence, especially considering that it was our initial project on Flow. However, we successfully overcame these hurdles and accomplished the integration of smart contract work with the frontend, thanks to the comprehensive and user-friendly Flow documentation, which greatly facilitated the process.