Elevate your surveys with powerful question types, verifying wallets, socials, and token ownership. Reach the right customers, engage communities, and grow with custom designs.

The problem FlowForms solves


Many companies face barriers in understanding their community, identifying their audience, and combating fraud. Conventional survey tools often yield generic responses, leaving businesses in the dark about the real identity and interests of their users. These tools often lack the versatility and security needed in the ever-evolving technical landscape.


FlowForms is not just a game-changer for web3 communities; it revolutionizes survey creation for all, including web2 companies, by addressing critical challenges that traditional survey tools fail to conquer. FlowForms offers powerful and identity-focused question types, enables web2 companies to gain deep insights into their users' preferences, behaviors, and even social media engagements.
With FlowForms, marketing teams can now launch targeted giveaway campaigns to incentivize users who follow the company's social handles. Social media integrations, such as Twitter and Discord verification, empower companies to engage with their audience like never before. It's a gateway to unlock the full potential of audience outreach, elevate brand presence, and foster meaningful connections.
But that's not all! FlowForms goes beyond the ordinary to integrate with Flow ecosystem by allowing you to check if respondents own a particular NFT, any Fungible token, or some .find name, some FLOAT NFTs, and much more. This integration with blockchain features helps you engage your community and reward your loyal token holders like never before.

Challenges I ran into

Creating FlowForms was an exhilarating journey filled with innovation and dedication. Throughout the development process, we encountered several stimulating challenges that tested our skills and perseverance, while also broadening the potential of the tool beyond web3 communities.

  • Bridging Web2 and Web3 Worlds: As we aimed to make FlowForms accessible to both web2 companies and web3 communities, we faced the challenge of bridging the gap between these two distinct worlds. We had to design a platform that catered to the unique needs of both segments, striking a delicate balance between blockchain enthusiasts and those new to decentralized technologies.
  • Data Privacy and Security: With identity-focused surveys, data privacy and security became paramount. We invested significant efforts in implementing robust encryption and data protection measures to ensure that respondents' sensitive information remained safeguarded from potential threats.

Despite these challenges, our relentless passion for empowering communities and revolutionizing survey creation allowed us to overcome obstacles and create FlowForms, which not only empowers web3 communities but also opens doors for web2 companies to connect with their audience on a profound level, fostering authenticity, trust, and growth for all. It's the survey tool designed to empower you and unleash the true potential of your community!

Also thanks to deform.cc since due to lack of time UI is highly inspired by them.