Empowering Betting with Decentralization: Unleash Control, Transparency, and Expansion across NBA, NFL, and More on the Flow Blockchain!

The problem FlowBetPalace solves

Firstly, it provides users with increased control and transparency over their bets, as the decentralized nature ensures trust and eliminates reliance on centralized authorities. Additionally, the odds are calculated algorithmically, reducing the potential for manipulation. Secondly, by introducing a betting platform on the Flow blockchain, we expand the ecosystem to new areas, offering diverse opportunities for users to engage and participate in decentralized finance activities. This expansion strengthens the Flow ecosystem and promotes the adoption of blockchain technology in the betting industry.

Challenges we ran into

One of our significant challenges was architecting our Cadence smart contract, particularly in efficiently managing resources. In our business model, we discovered that storing resources within other resources could hinder access to commonly shared data, so we opted to store them in storage instead. By utilizing capabilities, we were able to effectively interact with these stored resources, ensuring seamless functionality within our application.