NFT Radar - The new Flow NFT Api standard

NFT Radar - The new Flow NFT Api standard

Nft api allowing to retrieve datas from any NFT stored on the flow blockchain and create hundreds of micro services on top of it.

The problem NFT Radar - The new Flow NFT Api standard solves

💡The process of extracting NFT metadata from the blockchain can be laborious and lengthy. Our NFT API simplifies this process for you, handling the complexity for Flow blockchain NFTs, thereby rendering the necessary data easily searchable and obtainable.

1️⃣ Complexity & Inaccessibility:
The Flow blockchain, especially for NFTs, poses a daunting complexity for many. Extracting NFT metadata becomes a cumbersome, lengthy task for newcomers.

2️⃣ Slow Development & Interaction:
Direct application building on blockchain is time-consuming, filled with intricate processes. Back-end complexities often impede developers, stifling the creation of innovative applications.

3️⃣ Barrier to Adoption & Growth:
The absence of a user-friendly interface restricts mass adoption. The complexity of Flow blockchain interaction deters many developers, startups, and enterprises, hindering ecosystem innovation and growth.

Challenges we ran into

Creating an API from the Flow blockchain poses several challenges:

Complex Architecture: The unique design of the Flow blockchain demands a deep understanding of its intricate structure, requiring us to frequently revisit our scripts for optimization.

Data Extraction: Extracting data from blockchain transactions is an intensive process. We've had to refine our scripts several times to ensure efficiency.

Robust Scaling: As the blockchain grows, so does the data. Managing this increasing volume required us to optimize and re-engineer our systems.

API Optimization: Ensuring that the API is fast, reliable, and resilient has been a constant task, necessitating numerous iterations and system adjustments.

Technologies used