🔀 Bridge your complex DeFi positions across chains for the best yield 🤑

The problem FlashBag solves

With the recent multi-chain revolution, new opportunities have opened up for earning yield across various chains.
The APY's are always changing and the only way currently to move your Aave, Uniswap, etc. position to another chain is to go through 6-8 transactions manually which is tiresome for degens and newbies alike!

That's why we built FlashBagm, which abstracts away these intermediate transactions and allows the user to move their entire position to a separate chain and earn better yield with just a single click. This is a time save and huge improvement in terms of UX.

Our plan is to keep building this project and add adapters for various other protocols like UniswapV3, Sushiswap, Yearn and more.

Challenges we ran into

Writing unit tests for cross-chain contracts is really a challenging task with the current tech stack.
We had to deploy contracts each time on to the public testnets to see if they were working as expected.

The cross-chain transactions were failing initially, but were fixed after a thorough session of debugging.