Our product FinEz helps investors in diversifying their investment portfolio by investing in a bunch of crypto assets.

The problem FinEz solves

Our product helps investors to save time and energy researching cryptocurrencies to invest in. Our product helps beginner investors to take calculated risk and diversify their portfolio. Our application helps cryptoexperts earn money as commision from the users of their created crypto portfolio.
A user can also view their friend's investment allocation and also invest in them.
Users can use any exchange of their wish inorder to invest in a crypto-collection.

For example:
An investor who uses Uniswap will be able to invest in tokens specified in the crypto basket. (eg: 50% BTC, 50% eth basket)
We are also planning to expand this by adding Android, and ios support.

Challenges we ran into

MIN NOTIONAL error from binance api, Bugs in crypto price fetching in frontend were the hurdles faced by us.
We added required funds and corrected the quantity to buy.