A virtual park on the web - That works on its own ( Peer to Peer)

The problem FINDr solves

Whenever we visit a website, we might have doubts, confusion and most of the time - the urge to discuss on hot topics.
Findr finds like minded peers who are visiting the same website and establishes a chat room where chat, audio and video
conference room to hold discussions.We can also create and join custom rooms using Findr.

Challenges we ran into

Getting WebRTC streams working first was a big challenge after that for every website,we should create sub rooms of each 3
We had to optimize the algorithm which is smart enough to allocate a room when a peer joins with proper load balancing,so a typical solution would be solving it in Order of n or more than that! But we solved searching free rooms available,maintaing socket states and also finding the right bucket for the peer to be in in O(1).Iframes wont allow Video webcam access so we gotta hack it to make it work flawlessly.Also come up with native extensions(Not yet a thing! but a super cool Javascript hack[Javascript Bookmarklets).