Button Dabao Coolie Bulao

The problem Filling_Gaps solves

The pandemic has made us all learn many things. Whether it's studies, food ordering or jobs we all faced several challenges and the only help to us during this time was the internet. Whether we agree or not, the world is moving towards digitalization at a very rapid rate. Several services are getting digitalized. Thinking about the same we came up with an idea of why we can’t make our railway journeys much more easier, especially that part of the journey off the train. Think of how clumsy it gets when you're carrying huge luggages and searching for coolies everywhere in the station and then bargaining with them. The idea of our project is to save time and efforts for you by finding a coolie. You can now book your coolie before you even reach the station. If you are a patient or with disability you need not worry. We have got a service to book wheelchairs at railway stations which will be made ready for you before your arrival. On the other hand, this app benefits coolies and gets customers to them through one click of a button who otherwise had to literally run beside passengers to get a pickup. Currently the realization of the idea only contains baggage pickup and wheelchair services. But the idea doesn't stop here, in future we also think to add more services for both the users and coolie, using which they can benefit a lot.

With digitalization and the stablishment of free wifi and services at railway stations, we are moving towards the path of hightech railways stations. The availablity of 24/7 internet facility makes the task for the coolie easier. They just need a smartphone availability and they are all set to operate the services provided by the app. Looking at many ongoing services outside the railway stations like Swiggy, Zomato, Urban Clap, Uber, and Ola we feel that someday it's possible to get a facility like these into the stations as well.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Building our own API's as there is no APIS for indian railways using FASTAPI and integrating them to andriod application

  2. Building easy dashboards for both coolie and customer

  3. Sending Push Notifications and SMS alert to user and coole