Rev your portfolio with F1 NFTs - the ultimate race to collectibles!

The problem F1Grid solves

F1Grid is an exciting new NFT marketplace built on Dapper Sports Studio Protocol particularly for Formula One racing fans, providing a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gather and trade digital assets celebrating the sport's biggest moments.

We are committed to offering a powerful set of features both to our users and admins. Some of our standout features are -

  • Admin features - Admins can create new "plays" that highlight the most memorable moments from past tournaments, as well as "sets" that combine related plays together. Now, using the minting portal, they can then mint and sell these moments to users on the platform. To be compatible with tools built by community members in the DSS ecosystem, we strictly adhered to the DSS protocols.
  • User features - On the marketplace, fans may easily purchase and resell the moments.
  • Community Pack Maker - Fans can create their own "packs" of moments to trade or gift to others. When a user purchases a pack, they are given a pack-proof token that they may use to open the pack and obtain on-chain random moments. We also provide users the option of gifting these packs to anyone they like. We leverage the Flowns naming service here because users may not remember the address of their loved ones, but they can remember a Flowns name.
  • Moment Comparison Tool - This is a helpful tool for those looking for the best Moments. It allows users to compare different moments side by side, making it simple to identify differences and choose the best one for them.
  • Premium membership airdrops - We are utilizing Puddle to provide unique membership airdrops. Users can opt in to these timed airdrops to obtain memberships with special benefits such as access to rare Moments. It's simply another way F1Grid is aiming to build a really unique and interesting NFT marketplace for Formula One racing enthusiasts.

Challenges we ran into

  • We are new to the Flow ecosystem and had to spend a significant amount of time learning Cadence, transactions, scripts, and fcl.
  • Attending sessions and workshops aided us in completing this learning journey.
  • We explored our ideas in the NFT domain and wanted to build solutions to address some of the flow community's pain points.
  • As a new NFT marketplace, we wanted to maintain our UI appealing while remaining basic, which we believe we accomplished in this time frame.
  • We encountered numerous challenges while deploying smart contracts via flow-cli, the most significant of which being the inability to use update-contract via flow-cli on testnet.
  • A lot of engineering went into building the Pack Smart Contract and providing a Pack Proof Token to provide users the experience of purchasing and opening packets on chain that is akin to an off-chain experience.
  • We were integrating the Niftory walletless API, however, we couldn't find a good use case because NIftory doesn't yet enable manual smart contracts.

Our platform would not have been possible without the assistance of Flow ecosystem initiatives such as -
💡Smart Contract DSS Protocol by Dapper Sports Studios
🎁Premium Membership airdrops by Puddle
👱‍♂️Name Resolver By Flowns
🌐Wallet Providers - Lilico and Blocto
✅Walletless Google Sign-in By Niftory

🏢Business Model

  • For each resale of the Moments, we will collect a small royalty fee (Currently 15%).
  • The funds raised will be used to self-sustain the platform.

⌛Future Scope

  • Connecting the tools to other NFT marketplaces like NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day.
  • Pack Expected Value Estimator
  • Community Ratings for each Moment