Fasto Lending Platform

We created a micro lending platform where users can borrow money and stream money in the interval they choose to instead of monthly equated installements using superfluid

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Last updated: 08 August 2021 06:21 PM

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The problem Fasto Lending Platform solves

Many of the lending platforms right now offer EMI's which means your principal goes down every month at certain rate but the lender uses the money to acquire more money/customer using the EMI's paid. Instead Fasto proposes to pay the installments per day/per hour so borrower's outstanding prinicipal goes down according to the installment schedule, and helps borrower to use the rest of money to invest else where. Fasto also helps you manage all the post loan engagement online reducing all the hassle.

Similarly for lenders, this would mean net cash flow would now increase per day basis and there by giving an ability to acquire new customers faster and may be make loans cheaper since this would be lucrative for borrowers.

Challenges I ran into

Superfluid library was not officially supported in Typescript yet, but I am working using Angular to build the platform. So I am able to resolve issue one at a time.