Fixing the ticketing system using on-chain capabilities. Create an event, buy or sell tickets with just a few clicks while keeping royalties for those who deserve them.

The problem FairTickets solves

Unlike most of the other NFT ticketing platforms that require additional steps like form submissions and meetings before launching an event, FairTickets simplifies the process. All you need to do is create an account (email, password), and you're good to go.

Traditional ticketing is insufficient for the current times, bringing the problems of using physical tickets to the digital space. Just to name a few:

  • Ticket scalping
  • Ticket frauds
  • Delayed payouts for the artist/event makers
  • Middleman charging fees

We can do better than that with our platform. Here's how:

Ticket scalping - when listing tickets for sale, the creator may set a price threshold above which the funds are returned to the organizer upon resale. We know, that it won't stop scalping at all but at least make it a bit harder.

Ticket frauds - utilizing blockchain technology in NFT ticketing effectively eliminates ticket fraud by ensuring that all transactions are recorded, thereby rendering the sale of counterfeit tickets impossible.

Delayed payouts for the artist/event makers - everything is on-chain, so transferring funds happens immediately. Funds are stored in the smart contract and the creator can withdraw it anytime.

Middleman charging fees - the only costs for using the platform are taken from the sold tickets. Free events are free for everyone.

Plus we are reducing the cost of making it everything on the chain to the minimum, which was always the case for NFT ticket solutions, eg. the user doesn’t pay the transaction fees.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges We Faced

Developing and Integrating Account Abstraction

We faced difficulties in developing and integrating account abstraction, which manages user accounts on the blockchain. It required careful attention to detail to make it work smoothly with our project.

Working with Paymaster

Integrating with a paymaster, a smart contract that handles gas for transactions, also posed challenges. We had to understand its functionality and make sure it seamlessly fit into our project.

Lack of Comprehensive Examples

We struggled due to a lack of examples for implementing account abstraction. We had to do extensive research and try different approaches to figure it out on our own. Plus some consulting with the Sponsor :)

Complex Project Architecture

The overall architecture of our project turned out to be more complex than we initially thought. Connecting all the different parts together took more time and coordination than expected.

How We Overcame the Challenges

We worked as a team and put in the effort to understand and implement account abstraction effectively. We carefully studied its workings and made necessary adjustments to make it work smoothly.

To tackle the paymaster integration, we invested time to understand how it functions and ensure its seamless integration into our project. We paid attention to detail to make it work seamlessly for gasless transactions.

Despite the lack of examples, we experimented with different approaches until we figured out the best way to implement account abstraction. We test A LOT, but still, there are things to improve.

While the project architecture seemed simple at first, we soon realized its complexity. Through hard work and sleepless nights we connected all the parts together to ensure the smooth functioning of our project.

Technologies used