F-AA-ST Loan App

Quick Sanction, seamless digital experience, and happy customers!

The problem F-AA-ST Loan App solves

The current lending process is quite tedious for a small business owner. The process focuses on gathering information via scanned copies of original or printed out documents with intensive manual under-writing.

This leads to higher turnaround times to even get to an answer whether the customer is eligible or not.

And with the ensuing restrictions related to pandemic, we felt it was necessary to restrict physical human interaction and incorporate digital interaction with the customer.

For individual small business owners this becomes quite an arduous task to raise funds for their respective businesses.

And even if the prospective customer is provided with an offer, the difficulty of submitting KYC documents is a hurdle, and so is the repayment registration.

• Instant sanction with no document submission
• Individual credit worthiness by providing Permanent Account Number (PAN)
• Hassle free digital repayment setup
• Video KYC