Experiment Local

Meaningful experiments with businesses around you!

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Last updated: 09 August 2020 10:19 AM

Created project

The problem Experiment Local solves

Experiment Local is a platform for all businesses - small or large, affected by Covid-19. In these hard times - when all businesses are looking for more opportunity to gain customers and increase traction, experiment local provides them with a new kind of remedy.

Experiment Local provides an easy business listing platform, for starters. But the majorly, it allows business to experiment with each other. These experiments could be sharing venue space, customers referrals or sharing services.

We see such experiments daily and are so accustomed to them that we don’t even consider them an experiment. We go to Malls, a plethora of experiments. Movie theaters, clothing stores, food courts, kids store - and so many different businesses collaborate at one ground - sharing their customer base.

This is the kind of experiment this app wants to boost, exponentially.

Imagine if bands, who used to play at restaurant, started playing at Airports. Or if, restaurants provided their dinners with magazine, something that happened only on flight travels. Or if Mobile Service Centers collaborated with Books Store - making it easier for their customers to pass time. There is a matrix of infinite possibilities that can open up!

Experiment Local opens it even further - by letting those business share their experience with rest of the communities.

Challenges I ran into

This was my first time using React as well as Azure. Their were issues with SSR of azure-react maps with nextjs. Had to use next/dynamic to get over it.

I was also using MySQL library in the Azure Functions - tho had to use MsSQL. This consumed a lot of time. Tedious driver was new for me.