Expanding the Punkverse with 10.000 inclusive ExpansionPunks, while staying true to the CryptoPunks DNA. Building the NFT Explorer and better primitives for DAOs.

The problem ExpansionPunks solves

ExpansionPunks is a collection of 10,000 unique, procedurally-generated collectible Punks stored as ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. In the same way "expansion packs" introduce new characters and storylines in traditional tabletop gaming, ExpansionPunks have arrived to expand the Punkverse to be a more diverse and inclusive community by addressing subtle biases in the original CryptoPunks collection that unintentionally lead to exclusion. Through an expansion approach that respects and honors the ethos of the original, ExpansionPunks feature unique trait combinations without sacrificing cohesiveness and coherence with the broader CryptoPunks community. Ultimately, ExpansionPunks seek to empower everyone to feel welcome, valued and represented in this new blockchain technology frontier.

We are committed to advancing the entire Punkverse, bringing new experiences and value to the CryptoPunks community as well. In that spirit, we’re excited to introduce the PunkExplorer - a new experience for navigating the Punkverse. The PunkExplorer empowers you to unlock further insights and connection through dynamic filtering and sorting of the entire collection in one visually engaging experience. It changes the way attribute data can be used, revealing trends that would otherwise be invisible.

Challenges I ran into

We wanted to experiment with a few novel mechanics and that came with specific problems we solved (or at least started solving them:

  • We wanted to reveal the metadata before minting the collection (which will happen the coming week) so we needed a way to make sure people can have a look at it before, but still get the joy of randomly minting ExpansionPunks. We build a mechanism using clever index logic and Chainlink VRF to accommodate for this. instead of minting Token 0 - 9999 we are handing out random tokens on mint, while guaranteeing that they never clash or overlap
  • We want to involve the discord community in the success of the collection, so using superfluid we build a treasury that can stream a certain percentage of the treasury balance to members on its payroll. Ultimately the community will decide who gets on this payroll and how they are weighted among each other using voting mechanisms.
  • Lastly, we wanted to include dynamic metadata into our explorer. Due to the size of the collections, it proved difficult but we believe that a GraphQL backend that facilitates the graph and dynamic generation of our collection file will be up to the task to make the explorer even better.

For some reason recording was a PITA this time :D Sorry for having the error popping up at the end of the video and for the high pitch noise in the recording, there was just not enough time to polish it properly