Excluence Scanner

Excluence Scanner

Icy.tools and gem.xyz for Flow

The problem Excluence Scanner solves

It provides an API to fetch NFT data such as:
Rarity score

  • Traits
  • NFT Metadata
  • All marketplace listings of NFT
  • All Sales history of NFT
  • Current owner and owner history with timestamp

It also provides market data from multiple NFT marketplaces like Flowty and Flowavatar.
Top Collections with volume and sales

Any developer can integrate the API and create complex dapps. If you want to create a marketplace aggregator or just want to provide analytics on your NFTs, the API can do both.

Challenges I ran into

  1. The first challenge was writing the scanner. In the beginning I was using


    but due to some issues the scanner wasn't working after block number 5674..36. So, I had to disintegrate and re-write many parts of the scanner.
  2. Task queuing and management was a major hurdle, handling such stream of data was new for me.
  3. One of the NFT contract and it's owner was spamming the


    contract by using two wallets and transferring the same NFT in-between. This spam transfer caused confusion for marketplace like Matrix which showed the NFT project on as most trending. To avoid such problem on my scanner I choose to rely on NFTCatalog for authenticating the NFT projects. Only the collections on NFT Catalog will be indexed by the scanner.
  4. Major confusion on what UI to develop, my product is API based and I couldn't think of any suitable UI that can explain my product so I chose to use REST API client directly in the video.