Reimagine events via E2E Event Management, offering pre-during-post event soulns. With NFT-based ticket issuance, chain attendance, IRL phygital mgmt system, unique ways of networking and memories!

The problem EventX solves

There exists no such platform that does one-in-all when it comes to having fun at events. Current Event Tech Market comprises mostly of just ticketting companies. But we saw an opportunity beyond just ticketting but bringing interactive experiences to In person events. We experienced the impact lockdown has had on people, and truly believe its the perfect time and space to reimagine events when the world is openeing up again

And so we built EventX to go beyond providing seamless Event Experience, building momentum and engagement and NFT ticketting experience in a gamified way, transforming the IRL event industry.

Challenges we ran into

Tech Challenges

  • One of the hands down big challenges we ran were Automating the whole creation process of Push Protocol Channel without interacting with thier dApp.
  • Another challenge we faced were using Biconomy, a SWC based wallet to interact with onchain contracts as well as staking DAI

Design Challenges

  • One of the biggest challenges we faced was incorporating Hosting and Event Attend experience in one common interface.
  • Another big challenge was Educating Users/Communicating Product Value before the in-event experience of the app kicks off.
  • We wanted to turn on their notifications on their own will ethically, and so we incoporated use case based adoption.