A fast and simple peer to peer payment dapp to make DeFi compelling and user friendly.

The problem EthPay solves

EthPay solves the problem of making defi system compelling and easy to use. Users can easily swap ether to ANK, buy cool products and use chatrooms to connect with other users.

What EthPay Solves?

  1. Interactive UI -
    The front end was designed to attract the new crypto users in mind. It is easy to use and understand.

  2. Easily swap Eth<=>Ank -
    On EthPay, it is very easy to purchase or sell ANK tokens using the swap options.

  3. Smooth transfer of tokens -
    Transferring tokens between people using EthPay is made easier than it ever has been. Users can create or join chatrooms and easily transfer ANK tokens to other users while chatting.

  4. Reward system -
    EthPay have an inbuilt reward system for transactions above 10 ANK. Users get some reward for making transactions above 10 ANK on our dapp.

  5. Generating Interest through Compound -
    Dai deposited in our contracts mints cDai which can be easily withdrawn at any any time.

  6. Exchanging mBat token on Uniswap protocol -
    Users can easily exchange Eth <=> mBat using the uniswap protocol deployed on matic testnet.

  7. Covid-19 Tracker -
    Corona Virus is, unfortunately, spreading through the entire world. We as developers can help to spread awareness by visualizing the data. The covid-19 tracker feature fetch the live data from the API (https://covid19.mathdro.id/api) and display the statistics as well as Charts

Challenges I ran into

  1. Deploying compound and uniswap protocols on matic testnet.

  2. Providing simple and easy to use interface using React js.

  3. Adding the chatroom functionality to enable users to transfer ANK tokens while having conversation with other users in the chatroom.

  4. Adding the covid-19 tracker feature in the dapp.

  5. It's the first time I learnt and used react-hooks in my project (thanks to the awesome documentation, tutorials and blogs availabe on internet).

  6. Working on matic testnet. A big thanks to the Matic team for their guidance throughout the course of this project.