ETHIndia Partner Data Insights Analytics

Building Data-Driven Web3

The problem ETHIndia Partner Data Insights Analytics solves

Partner 1: Connext
👉 Connext Amarok Goerli Bridge Analytics 👈

A bridge consists of two smart contracts: one on each chain that allows for cross-chain value transfers. On the sidechain, ETH deposited in the main net will provide a balance denominated in ERC-20 tokens.

Understanding how they are extremely crucial, extensively used and densely populated with various kinds of chains and tokens, It is imminent to track their data to get key insights on their data and important metrics can be covered using Analytics.

We present,

Connext Amarok Goerli Bridge Analytics Dashboard: http://analytics.dapplooker.com/public/dashboard/f179755d-aa0f-460a-8984-70c054e1c251

Important Metrics we covered here are:

of contracts

of xcalls

Ability to segment
Connext Amarok Goerli <> Interoperability on other chains

Gives crucial idea about the liquidity, flow, token activity, gas fee
Helps monitor multiple bridges leaving from one network at one place
Partner 2: Valist
👉 Valist Data Explorer and Visualizer Mainnet | Testnet 👈

Easily ship web, desktop, and mobile software to any platform — all without managing complex tooling, infra, or using traditional DRM systems that take 30%+ of revenue.

The importance of analytics is simply to understand the adoption level of the network and how efficiently it works.

We present,

Valist Ecosystem Health Mainnet Dashboard: http://analytics.dapplooker.com/public/dashboard/5acf4564-76b2-4e39-adbc-e1edbf9a8f1a

Valist Ecosystem Health Testnet Dashboard: http://analytics.dapplooker.com/public/dashboard/e573e999-0d4a-4458-b5f4-0288066610fe

Important metrics we cover here:

Total Release
Total Project
Total Accounts

Helps monitor the adoption level of the network and how efficiently it works.

Challenges we ran into

  • Syncing of real-time data
  • Integrating chart and dashboard API