Egg Wars: A Game on Base

Egg Wars: A Game on Base

A game where players compete to build the biggest army of chickens and produce the most $EGG

Built at ETHDenver 2024
Defi, NFTs & Gaming Track

The problem Egg Wars: A Game on Base solves

There aren’t many crypto-native games that are both simple and fun. Most games in crypto are either 1) really complicated and impossible to start playing or 2) not very fun. Egg Wars is simple but has enough strategy to keep it fun.

Challenges we ran into

The hardest challenge was coming up with game mechanics that are balanced and open to many different strategies. This took us a long time, as most incentive-based game ideas reach a very quick end-state. We were eventually able to find a set of basic mechanics that make this game run forever and remain fun and dynamic for players.

Another challenge we ran into was initializing the game state and setting various probabilities in our game in a way that wouldn’t be exploited or become imbalanced. To do this we ran some simulations over our game given different starting values, which helped us figure out the right initialization variables.

Our third challenge was writing custom solidity code for our NFT and ERC-20 contracts, which implement the game’s specific functionality. The most difficult part of this was integrating API3 for random number generation.

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