Application aimed to ease out tax proof submission process by leveraging aa framework.

The problem Easy-Taax solves

This FIU aims to ease tax proof submission process.
Every employee submits investment proofs to his employer.
This process involves a lot of paperwork.

Our solution aims to make this process totally digital and
transperant by leveraging AA framework. employer can use this application and gather
information about a particular employee and his investments for which he wants to claim
tax benefit. employee can simply provide his aa id to employee and link the accounts of different FIPs
to AA. Now Our employer can request consent for data by using our fiu and fetch th FI of employee.
Based on the information received from FIPs, Our solution will retrieve amount invested
under different tax saving schemes. It will generate detailed tax report for given user
provided his salary details.

It will help employee to easily submit proof to employer to claim tax benefit and employer can
use it to validate the information provided by employee. It will help to reduce
tax frauds and make the entire tax proof submission and validation process very easily
with the help of AA framework.

Challenges we ran into

Big challenge was understanding the different schemas and understanding processes of AA framework. With fluid documentation from finvu sandbox, references from hackbible , we were able to get the required data for our application.

Technologies used