DSTREAM your one stop Entertainment adobe to Derivate assets from the digital data you create!

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The problem DSTREAM -ECOSYSTEM solves

Problem Statement:

Owned a youtube channel?, Ever wanted to sell/buy a individual content from another channel digitally rather than purchasing the entire channel? Ever got tired of people posting your content in their channel as their own?



Dstream is a Web3 Ecosystem which enables people to buy and sell their digital video assets as NFT's in a video streaming platform along with the royalty and monetization benefits that entails the generated content, it also provides a way for Tokens of different aggregations to interfaced to create niche premium communities within the Web3Space.



  • Dstream

    will enable you to list your videos as NFT's in

    Dstreams's Ecosystem

  • Content creators

    can opt to list their videos in a marketplace where other people can



    content along with the monetization benefits

    for that content post the time of the sale contract.
  • Option to create a closed group of NFT based premium content community

    (Token Gated Community)

    , where they can share or livestream.
  • Ad based revenue for consumers for their viewtime/adlength ratio.
  • Users in a peer group of different demographic regions can take up the role of content moderators of the platform, and the decisions made on reports of a platform are passed over by a consensus mechanism, based on the number of moderations the user can get rewards for the same.

Progress So Far:

Future Scope of action:

  • Interface the Token benefits for users and content creators within DSTREAM.
  • Build

    DSTREAM as a product

  • Scale up as a

    Web3 Startup.

Challenges we ran into

It took a lot of time for us to understand the web3space as this is

our first blockchain hackathon


We started out with a vision to create a video sharing and streaming platform , We jumped right into the following
How to mint a video NFT , which was entirely a CLI oriented stuff so, We had to start looking for alternatives that could be wrapped around with python/JS with REST API's .

In the Interim period we attended the scallfold-eth workshop which helped us get familiarized with the dev environments used in web3space, at first we were working with




later we slowly learned about


and started migrating everything to



We developed the PythonWrapper for REST API and created detailed documentations around it and learned how to push things to


on a trial and error basis. Then finally we managed to deploy our flavour of Python wrapper for

LivePeerSDK 1.0


Then we took the help of a few experts, in a few AMA sessions and talks in discord, which helped us a lot in getting out first Web3App out which was a basic videoListing platform which has now evolved into


over a period of 28 days. This has been one of the best learning experiences we have had so far in a hackathon.